AQUA 101 Summer Program

Aqua 101 is an environmental stewardship and water sports recreational summer program for local youth ages 11-14. The program will meet during two separate 5-day sessions this Summer.

Session 1: July 20th through July 24th, 2015
Session 2: July 27th through July 31st, 2015


Shore Corps Internship Program

Shore Corps is a service learning program for high school students focused on environmental stewardship and community development. The program serves as a platform for teens to demonstrate leadership skills and inspire other young people in their community.


Living Classroom Workshops

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Working with scientists, naturalists and environmental leaders, this program challenges students to think about their waterfront backyard as living, breathing eco-system that they can learn from. 


Community Stewardship Days

These weekend events bring together people from various schools, community groups and environmental organizations who want to make a difference in their community through clean ups, plantings and environmental workshops to learn more about the natural environment of the Rockaway Peninsula.


Environmentor Internship

an intensive science research mentoring program for high school students focused on research along Jamaica Bay and the Rockaway shoreline.


Urban Planning: After School

Through the Urban Planning After School Program, Middle/High School Students work on creating sustainable solutions for future developments in the Rockaways by working with community members, government agencies and professionals in the field of planning, technology and science related fields.


Success Stories:

Meet Keneisha

As a champion for arts and science education, Keneisha brings to us a successful track record that ranges from her experience at the Brooklyn Museum to specialized hands-on learning. She has been a lead educator for RWA for over three years in environmental arts and urban gardening. Hear more about Keneisha's story.