Living Classroom: School Workshops

Engaging youth through hands-on learning is one of the most successful means of fostering an appreciation of the natural environment. The workshops challenge students to think about their waterfront backyard as living, breathing eco-system that they can learn from.

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RWA is kicking off our spring Living Classroom workshop series from April through June 2015 outside along the open space and public waterfront of the Rockaway Peninsula. 

Living Classroom is an STEM educational program that uses NYS Science Core Curriculum Standards for K-12 classes to provide students with hands on experiential learning.  The program offers public school teachers the opportunity to work with RWA educators who have experience in a variety of science related fields, to foster an appreciation for the natural environment and enable students to explore challenging social and environmental issues.

To learn more about this program or to schedule a Living Classroom Workshop, please contact: Program Director John Cruz:  

Class Overview:
*  Each class is 45 minutes in length

*  Program cost is $200/class (waived for Spring workshops)
*  Classes are conducted during the regular school day along the shoreline of the Rockaway Peninsula or at the specific school requesting the workshop.  

Workshops address a variety of topics for classes K-12 including lessons focused on climate change, renewable energy, urban farming, recycling and water safety. Each workshop the students will take part in a hands on activity related to the lesson. If there is a particular subject that would support your class curriculum please let us know. 

Success Stories:

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