The Rockaway Food Entrepreneurs

is a youth development and employment initiative. Local youth work closely with RWA staff, local business owners, and food entrepreneurs to initiate summer employment opportunities for youth operating healthy food cart businesses in the summer months.

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The Rockaways has a rich food history extending from its heyday as a beach destination in the first half of the 20th Century. In the 1940s beachgoers enjoyed Jerry's Cherry Cheese Knishes, the Walkaway Sundae, and the ChineseTucky Cup.

RWA established the Rockaway Youth Entrepreneur Program to create mobile food cart businesses to further this rich history while supporting a growing local economy and access to healthy food led by young entrepreneurs. 

Through the Youth Entrepreneurship Program students have worked directly with local food businesses during the summer months to receive mentorship and training as well as acquire food handling licenses. Students also toured food incubators, culinary institutes, local farms and restaurants to learn more about urban agriculture, healthy eating/cooking, and food systems.

The Rockaway Youth Entrepreneurs program offers internships to high school students during the summer months and has helped to address the need for youth employment opportunities and job training while helping to bring much needed affordable and healthy food businesses to the Rockaway community. This program has also stimulated the local economy through the development of local businesses, encouraging visitors to the Rockaway beaches and providing employment and entrepreneurial training for young people.

For more information, contact Program Coordinator Juli Schroeger at:

Rockaway Youth Entrepreneurs is sponsored by the Learning by Giving Foundation via Barnard College and the Partnership for a Healthier Queens.