Help Bring Healthy Eating to Rockaway

RWA is working with the community to explore different ways to promote healthy eating by increasing access and affordability to fresh fruits and vegetables

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Check out the following projects, RWA is working on to improve access to healthy, affordable food

Rockaway Farm Share: RWA, with the help of Just Food is exploring ways to bring a farm share to the Rockaway community! A farm share is an investment between a farm and a community-based membership that allows farmers to grow vegetables directly for its members and community to receive a weekly delivery of a "share" of the farm's fresh vegetables. But, we need the community's help to decide what the farm share will look like and to make sure it is as inclusive as possible.To that end, please take our survey and ensure your opinions are represented:

Aquaponic Garden Classroom: Program Coordinator Juli Schroeger, along with the students in the RWA Environmentor Youth Program are creating an indoor aquaponic garden. Aquaponic gardens are self-sustaining hydroponic systems that combine fish culture with plant production into a single, beneficial ecosystem. We will begin with goldfish and healthy greens. Check out their new blog for weekly progress.

Teleponics Rockaway Garden: Our website developer, Chris Snyder is also in the process of creating an experimental indoor garden using simple, sustainable ways to grow fresh organic produce year-round. The garden is in its infancy, but we are already seeing kale and Chinese cabbage sprouting up!

Food Retail Study: In partnership with Center for Health Equity at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, undertook an evaluation of food retail options in the Rockaway community between Beach 34th Street to Beach 116th Street to better assess access to healthy food options. The work was completed by the RWA Shore Corps high school interns in Summer 2016. This study illustrated the lack of access to healthy foods and produce. Please download the full report below for the in-depth findings.