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Our Purpose:

To Connect & Strengthen Our Greatest Resources

Rockaway Waterfront Alliance is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding, respect and connection between our communities and the Rockaway waterfront.

To ensure the long-term vitality and economic health of the Rockaway community, RWA works to empower residents of the underserved communities of the Rockaway Peninsula to play a role in the determination of their neighborhoods, by providing enriching educational and community programming, that instill both individual and civic respect for nature, and contributes to advancing the physical, economic and social sustainability in the Rockaway Peninsula and Greater New York City. 

We believe that people from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds deserve the same right to use, access and enjoy the public shoreline. We believe that partnering with local residents and youth to revitalize and protect the community from out of scale development and to address social justice issues will have a long-lasting effect on the Greater Rockaway community.

We hope that through our programs and community outreach the Rockaway community will be empowered to establish important initiatives that support a diverse, vibrant and active community; created by the community for the community.

Success Stories:

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