RWA Performance Series: Little Red's Hood Puppet Show

TIME: Tuesday, June 24th, 9:45 AM
LOCATION: Beach 17th St Boardwalk Amphitheatre

Rockaway Waterfront Alliance is kicking off their Free performance series for school children with City Parks production of "Little Red's Hood" performing at the Beach 17th St Boardwalk Amphitheatre ( Seagirt Blvd, Far Rockaway) on Tuesday, June 24th9:45 AM 

In City Parks production of "Little Red's Hood", Little Red is a smart, young city slicker who is too focused on her smartphone to notice her surroundings. Wulfric is a misunderstood wolf with a sweet tooth. When Little Red travels from New York City to the country to deliver some cupcakes to her Grandma, she encounters a colorful cast of characters as Wulfric the Wolf tries to head her off at the pass. Come watch this original show created specifically for the PuppetMobile and find out what happens!

CityParks PuppetMobile, is one of the only traveling puppet theaters in the country; traveling the five boroughs of the city in a PuppetMobile equipped with a stage and staff of professional puppeteers, bringing entertainment to 50,000 children and families each year.

The family-friendly outdoor matinee is free for the public and Rockaway Public Schools, but space is limited so reservations are required. To reserve space contact John Cruz, Program Director by email at:   Please provide the age and number of children attending. Children must be accompanied by an adult. 

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