Community stewardship weekend events are a great way to meet others and bring people together to improve the neighborhood through clean ups, plantings and environmental workshops for the public to learn to appreciate the natural environment of the Rockaway Peninsula.

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RWA works together with various community groups and environmental organizations to lead weekend activities for the public.

Volunteer Community Service Days are a great way to meet others and make a positive difference in the community.

We offer community service hours for local students or corporations looking for volunteer opportunities. We have events planned throughout the year, so check the EVENTS Schedule for upcoming activities.

Success Stories:

Meet Keneisha

As a champion for arts and science education, Keneisha brings to us a successful track record that ranges from her experience at the Brooklyn Museum to specialized hands-on learning. She has been a lead educator for RWA for over three years in environmental arts and urban gardening. Hear more about Keneisha's story.