Whether through the planning of a "Greater Rockaway" or our continual efforts to keep the coast clean and accessible for the public to enjoy, we are always looking for new ways to improve the quality of life for the Rockaway community.

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RISE Center

The RISE Center is a community hub for emerging artists, planners and scientists alike to connect with local residents and visitors to the Rockaways through programming and public art exhibitions to raise awareness of the natural environment and increase the vibrancy of the local Rockaway community.


RISE Farm Share

The RISE Farm Share's mission is to bring fresh, locally-grown organic produce at an affordable price directly from the farm to the Rockaway community.


RISE Food Rx

Medicaid-Eligible? Diagnosed with Type II Diabetes?
Check out our new food prescription program to get locally-grown, organic produce for free.


Create Far Rock Arts Initiative

Join us for community-wide initiative to grow the capacity of arts + culture on the eastern end of the Rockaway Peninsula.


Rockspot NYC Community Network

Rockspot NYC Community Network is focused on raising awareness of local businesses and community events intended to build a strong network of individuals who can support one another on a daily basis and in the event of another storm or natural disaster. 


Rockspot Walk/Bike Tours

Established by RWA as a community-led collaborative to promote public waterfront access and to raise a greater appreciation for New York City's longest and most spectacular waterfront. Come explore the Rockaway Peninsula on foot, or by bike and bring your stories that shape how YOU define the Rockaways!


Waves of Change Report

This report is the final culmination of the collaboration between students at Pratt Institute and Rockaway Waterfront Alliance. The studio undertook an analysis of the peninsula. The final report presents policy, design, planning and implementation strategies that will support a more sustainable community.


Take Care Rockaway Mental Health Resource Guide

RWA created a resource guide to increase awareness of existing mental health services in the Rockaways and reduce social stigma among people in need.

Project Underway

RWA is working with local residents, artists, transportation planners and city agencies to develop a plan for a safer transit corridor for bikers, pedestrians and vehicles under the elevated track.


Combating Rockaway's Unmet Mental Health Needs

In partnership with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH), RWA is working with local non-profits, health providers, and members of the Rockaway community to combat unmet mental health needs.


Art Under the Elevated

RWA commissioned artists to host temporary art exhibitions to activate the public space under the elevated A line train tracks in Rockaway, Queens. 


A Greater Rockaway: 2020 Plan

is a community-driven waterfront plan that has brought together local insight to enhance 11 miles of one of New York City's greatest waterfront resources and establish key priorities established by the community itself.


Arverne East Strategic Plan

In the Fall of 2012, Rockaway Waterfront Alliance commissioned a study with NYU Wagner to re-initiate conversations around the needs and possibilities within Arverne East. 


First Wave: Race-To-Connect

Help us develop stronger, better disaster response resources within our community to help us determine what we need to do to be prepared in the event of another storm or natural disaster. 


Documentary: Rockaway Stories

RWA collected stories from local people across the Rockaway Peninsula to document what happened in the neighborhoods affected by the storm and to get their vision for future rebuilding efforts in the Rockaways.


Rockaway Dune Restoration

has brought together government agencies and local community organizations to work on creating a natural protective buffer along our shoreline while providing employment opportunities for youth to gain valuable hands-on experience for the next generation of environmental stewards 


RWA Strategic Plan

Rockaway Waterfront Alliance (RWA) we will be transitioning all our programs under RISE Institute. Learn more about our rebranding plans for the future.


Environmentor Students win award at NYCSEF

High school juniors Oluwapelumi (Pelumi) Oloyedewere and Jahneal Francis received awards in the extremely competitive Earth and Environmental Science category of the NYC Science and Engineering Fair for their research project focused on enterococci levels (fecal contamination) in sediment and water from Jamaica Bay and Rockaway's beaches. more>


Resiliency Speaker Series

RWA is hosting a free educational speaker series focused on engaging the public on issues pertaining to environmental resiliency to support planning efforts in which local residents can take part in planning the Rockaway shoreline in this age of global climate change.


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