Greater Rockaway:2020 Waterfront Vision

RWA works with community members to protect the local character of our neighborhoods, protect green space and open waterfront by establishing programs and plans that raise awareness and appreciation of our natural resources along the Rockaway Peninsula.

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Imagine a Greater Rockaway...

... where there is awareness and support from public agencies and elected officials.

... where the community is engaged in efforts to improve services and waterfront access.

...where local residents and visitors can access New York City's premier waterfront destination.

Greater Rockaway Waterfront Vision is a community-driven plan that has brought together local insight to enhance 11 miles of one of New York City's greatest waterfront resources.

RWA has worked closely with community members, local stakeholders and government agencies through a series of design charettes and listening sessions to establish the Greater Rockaway Waterfront Plan. This plan has laid the groundwork for phased capital projects and programs along the Peninsula that address transportation initiatives, economic development, programming and management strategies for improved waterfront access along the Rockaway Peninsula and Jamaica Bay.

From the Nassau County Line to the tip of Breezy Point is an 11 mile stretch of land that makes up the Rockaway Peninsula; the longest stretch of public waterfront in the City of New York. This waterfront was protected under the NYC Waterfront Revitalization Plan and Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972 to encourage public participation in historical, educational and recreation programs.

Yet the rockaway community has rarely been afforded an opportunity to receive such support by any of the city, state or federal agencies that manage it. Issues over lack of lifeguards, public education, and safety along the waterfront have created concern amongst the community that there is a clear need for planning that is led with the needs of the community in mind.

Through local partnerships, our mission has been to identify priorities for investing in open space, environmental conservation and economic growth for the benefit of the greater Rockaway community.