Planning for a Resilient Rockaways

A Strategic Planning Framework for Arverne East conducted by a team of NYU Wagner urban planning graduate students.

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In 2012, Rockaway Waterfront Alliance commissioned a strategic planning study with a team of NYU Wagner Urban Planning graduate students to re-initiate conversations around the needs and possibilities within Arverne East. 

Arverne East, is a waterfront community on the Eastern end of the Far Rockaways, Queens containing one of the last remaining large expanses of vacant land in New York City. 

The NYU Capstone team conducted fieldwork and research, collected case studies, interviewed stakeholders and held a community planning workshop to create a plan focused on strengthening the environmental, economic, and social resilience of the eastern end of the Rockaway peninsula.

In light of climate change impacts and the October 2012 storm, Superstorm Sandy, which devastated much of the Rockaway shoreline, conversations dramatically shifted about the relationship between people, places and the environment.

The final study plan provides a vision for Arverne East that presents an opportunity to build by leveraging local assets to foster a community-oriented wellness and recreation hub that serves as a model for coastal communities.

After the RWA Arverne East study was released the developers of Arverne East kicked off an international design competition to take another look at designing the land with more resiliency addressed in the development. The final designs for this competition were announced in October 2013.

Next steps for the Arverne East Development will be determined by the DiBlasio Administration..... Stay tuned.

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