Pratt- Waves of Change Report

This report is the final culmination of the collaboration between students at Pratt Institute and Rockaway Waterfront Alliance. The studio undertook an analysis of the peninsula. The report presents policy, design, planning and implementation strategies that will support a more sustainable community.

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In 2012, the Rockaway Peninsula was inundated by Super Storm Sandy, which vividly demonstrated the need to develop strategies to adapt to the inevitability of climate change.

Pratt Institute, building on tradition of participatory planning and advocacy of equitable development partnered with the Center for Social Inclusion to develop the RAMP initiative (Recovery, Adaption, Mitigation & Planning). The purpose of RAMP was to make available to low and moderate income communities and communities of color the technical resources so that they could participate effectively in the recovery and rebuilding of their communities.

With the commitment of students and faculty from Pratt Institute's Program for Sustainable Planning and Development, a series of community planning studies and workshops were initiated to address the social and economic justice needs of the Rockaway community, along with it's complex physical and environmental constraints.

Based on the relationship established by RAMP with the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance, the studio undertook an analysis of the peninsula in terms of it's demographic and physical make-up, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the community. The final report presents policy, design, planning and implementation strategies that support a more sustainable community. We hope people gain a better understanding of the issues and solutions for the Rockaway community through this report. 

PDRN's video submission, titled The Rockaways: Investing In People, Coming Together was selected for MoMA PS1's EXPO 1: New York Rockaway Call for Ideas! The video highlights the important of social resilience and emphasizes the importance of community participation in rebuilding efforts.

Special thanks to all who participated in the making of the video

Success Stories:

Meet Keneisha

As a champion for arts and science education, Keneisha brings to us a successful track record that ranges from her experience at the Brooklyn Museum to specialized hands-on learning. She has been a lead educator for RWA for over three years in environmental arts and urban gardening. Hear more about Keneisha's story.