Green Infrastructure Project

Blueway Islands were created by Combo Colab partners Mateo Pinto & Carolina Cisneros in partnership with RWA students to address flood management and green infrastructure.

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Combo Colab partners Mateo Pinto & Carolina Cisneros worked with RWA students to create the Blueway Islands; a green infrastructure/flood management project.

The recycled blue barrels were used to create seating structures and planting beds for indigenous shoreline plants that absorb the storm water from downspouts coming off the elevated train track in Rockaway.

Students were assigned to working in teams with the artists. Each team created an island with plants, landscaping and layout to address each of the areas where the islands were placed.

Blueway Islands create a space for interaction and stewardship. These rain garden clusters capture and infiltrate storm water from the elevated train downspouts to help offset the water runoff effect in the area. Using 55 gallon barrels filled with water, these gardens populated indigenous shoreline plants are surrounded by sitting structures that invite people to claim a space otherwise neglected and underutilized.

The Blueway Islands project was created by RWA  & Combo Colab as a green infrastructure project to showcase how to utilize recycled materials for local conservation efforts.It has been envisioned as a pilot project to be recreated into a larger system along this major urban corridor and improve our built environment and surroundings. 

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