What is the Rockaway Farm Share?

The Rockaway Farm Share is an intergenerational initiative led by local youth and older adults to partner with an individual farm to get access to the best prices for quality organic fruits and vegetables.  It is like a food club where you get fresh and quality vegetables at an amazing price. These are chemical free, organic vegetables, delivered to the Rockaways directly from Sang Lee Farms, which is located on the North Fork of Long Island. 

How does it work?
Each Wednesday, from May 31st – November 16th, Farm Share members bring their own shopping bags and pick up their vegetable shares at the RISE Center, 5803 Rockaway Beach Blvd(corner of Beach 59th St), between 4PM-7PM.  Volunteers from the Farm Share will be there to help distribute the vegetables and lead cooking demonstrations and food tastingsduring our distribution days so you can learn more about how to serve and cook the vegetables and fruits you are getting in your share. 

Why should I join? 
If you love fresh, quality vegetables, the Farm Share is for you. You will be getting vegetables picked fresh on the farm and delivered to the Rockaways the next day.

By joining the Rockaway Farm Share you are getting the best quality produce at affordable prices, which is hard to find in the Rockaways.  We cannot overstate the quality of the vegetables we get from Sang Lee Farms!   In addition, you will directly support our local farmer and his family, and support building a strong and health community in the Rockaways. Funds from the shares go directly to the farmer at the beginning of the season so they can grow all the fresh produce for our own Farm Share. 

In addition to supporting our  farmer, we will bring our own Rockaway school groups and summer camp kids to visit Sang Lee Farm throughout the growing season to pick their own berries and vegetables and get a chance to meet our farmer Fred Lee and learn firsthand about the importance of organic farming practices. All share members will also be invited to take part in an orientation and tour of the farm in May before the share begins to meet our farmer and establish a supportive partnership. 

The Rockaway Farm share is an intergenerational program that offers volunteer opportunities for seniors and funds jobs for local youth. The Rockaway Waterfront Alliance (RWA) offers summer internship opportunities for youth ages 14-19 to participate in the Farm share. You will get the opportunity to meet some of them helping with distribution or leading cooking demos when you come to pick up your produce. 

The Rockaway Farm Share is an opportunity to meet new friends and support the Rockaway community. 

What do I get?
You get 25 weeks of chemical free, organic vegetables picked fresh on the farm and delivered to Far Rockaway.  We offer a full or 1/2 vegetable share, which will include up to eight items. Depending on how much you cook, a large share is enough to feed up to 4 people vegetables for the week. 

Our shares are made up of whatever the farmer harvests on the farm that week, and that means the vegetables we get will vary during the season. A typical week will include eight items. The quantity of vegetables in the first few weeks is usually a bit less, compared to mid-season weeks. Early in the season you might receive heads of green boston lettuce, red leaf lettuce, bunches of parsley, radishes, kale, and carrots, a few pieces of baby bok choy, snap peas and asparagus. Later in the season, as the air warms we will get tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplant. And by late in the season there will be cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, and other cool-weather crops.

Does the Farm Share offer other food besides vegetables?
We also offer a fruit share, which come from Briermere Farms  in Riverhead. These shares run for 18 weeks of the season from early July and end in late October. Weekly shares will range from three pints of berries and a bunch of rhubarb in the early summer months,  up to six pounds of apples and pears in the late summer months.

What are my volunteer requirements?
We offer discounts to those interested in volunteering 4 hours a season to help to distribute the vegetables on Wednesday nights or doing some other activity that supports the Farm Share. Volunteering is fun and a great way to meet other farm share members. 

How much does it cost?
This year farm share membership is priced on a sliding scale based on share members' combined incomes, ranging from $15/week ($60/month for a 1/2 share) to $30/week ($120/month) for a full share for 25 weeks of quality, certified organic produce.

Our prices are based on member income levels and number of people sharing the share. We understand that there are circumstances beyond income and number of people in the household, but please understand that our funding is limited and we are committed to making fresh vegetables available to the entire community, so only sign up for a discounted priced share if you truly cannot afford a higher level.

As part of its mission to make fresh healthy food accessible to everyone in the Rockaways, the Rockaway Farm Share raises funds and collects donations to allot reduced rates for members who have children under 18, are seniors over the age of 65 and for those with household income under $40k annually. 

Want to split your share?
Lots of members split their share with someone else. If you don't have someone lined up, we can help make the right connection. Let us know if you would like a half share and we'll match you with others looking for a split share. 

What are my payment options?
You can pay online or by check for the full season or monthly. We also offer a 3-payment installment, post-dated April 15th, May 15th, June 15th. We must receive at least one month of a seasons share by April 26th to be included in the share.

How do I join?
Complete the Interest Form below so we can get in touch with you and to find out how much the share you are interested in will cost.

What happens after I join?
You will get an email letting you know that we received your information and will get back to you with the rate for your seasons share and the amount required for your deposit. In April we will let you know about the organized bus trip we will be making from the RISE Center to Sang Lee Farms for our Farm Share Orientation. Then, as June approaches you will get an email reminder that the summer season is starting on May 31st! 

We hope that you consider the how much the Rockaway Farm Share will help to support people of all ages and income levels with access to healthy fresh produce in the Rockaways. Please pass this information along to any prospective members with questions or concerns.

For more information about the share contact Judah Asimov at: jasimov@rwalliance.org or call 718 327-5919