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Rockaway Community Survey

RWA is conducting these surveys to collect information from local residents in order to determine the needs of the community and understand what kinds of technology and equipment is most effective in preparing people of all ages for future emergencies.

Information collected will be used for internal purposes only.

General Information


Communication / Technology

 Windows PC  Macintosh  Windows Laptop  Mac Laptop  iPad  Other 
 Hotmail  Gmail  AOL  Yahoo!  Outlook  Apple Mail  Other 
 Calls  Texting  Email  Internet  Photographs  Social Media
 Radio  Word of mouth / Speaking to others  Mobile phone  Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)  Texting  Unable to communicate with others

Utilities / Supplies

 Stop & Shop  Pathmark  Local Grocery Store  Farmer's Market  Other 
 Supermarket  Local Store  Church/Soup Kitchen  Volunteers on Street  Other 
 Chain Pharmacy  Online  Clinic
 Chain Pharmacy  Online  Clinic  Relief Organization
 Gas  Water  Electricity  Landline Phone  Cellular Service
 Canned Food  Prepared Meals  Cleanup Supplies  Blankets/Sleeping Bags  Space Heater  Generator  Gasoline  Prescription Refills  Other 


 Car  Bike  Walking  Bus  Subway  LIRR  Ferry  Other 
 Car  Bike  Walking  Bus  Subway  LIRR  Ferry  Other